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Southern Bell Frog Surveys

EBS Ecology was contracted to undertake surveys for the nationally vulnerable Southern Bell Frog (Litoria raniformis) within Bool Lagoon, Hacks Lagoon and Lake Ormerod in the state’s South East. The surveys were undertaken to gain a better understanding of the response of the species to the large amount of rainfall experienced in the region. The three sites surveyed are known to contain Southern Bell Frog populations and anecdotal evidence suggested that the populations at these sites had increased rapidly in response to favourable conditions..... Read More
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Flora Survey and Fauna Assessment of a Proposed Rail Upgrade

EBS Ecology undertook a flora survey and fauna assessment just outside the township of Penola in the state’s south east. The survey was conducted along a railway corridor approximately 1.7 km in length with EBS Ecology successfully identifying plant species, species of conservation significance and vegetation communities. The assigned team documented the quality of fauna habitat, recorded all species observed and determined what other species may occur, in particular those of conservation significance.... Read More
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Flora Survey and Fauna Assessment of Five Proposed Lock and Weir Upgrades

EBS Ecology was commissioned to undertake a flora survey and fauna assessment at five locations along the River Murray from Mannum to the Victorian border. The project was completed to assess the possible impacts of proposed lock upgrades and the installation of fish passageways.

The flora survey recorded detailed information on the project sites including the plant species present (native and exotic), vegetation communities and vegetation condition..... Read More
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Murraylands Threatened Species Project

EBS Ecology has been involved in developing and preparing threatened recovery plans for nationally listed flora species under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, 1999. The Murraylands threatened species recovery project aims to maintain and improve populations of nine threatened plant species within the South Australian Murray Darling Basin..... Read More
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Northern Parks Vegetation Monitoring

EBS Ecology recently completed the implementation of a detailed monitoring program across several national Parks and wildlife reserves in the northern Adelaide region.   A total of 125 monitoring quadrats were established within Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park, Parra Wirra Conservation Park and Sandy Creek Conservation Park. 

The aim of the monitoring was to establish baseline data on vegetation condition within different vegetation communities across each park.  This will allow the vegetation condition to be monitored as different management strategies and practices are implemented. 

A number of reference sites outside of these parks were also established to allow seasonal and climatic variations to be distinguished from the effects of the implemented management actions..... Read More
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