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Dunnart Eats a Grasshopper!

While out in the field, EBS Ecologists found a Dunnart making a meal of an unsuspecting grasshopper, and managed to catch it on film! To check it out click here.

Winter eNews is Out!

The EBS Group Winter eNews for 2014 is hot off the digital press. Check it out!

Client Wins Environmental Excellence Award

Congratulations to Iluka Resources who recently won an SA Premier's Award for Environmental Excellence for their environmental management and rehabilitation research at the Jacinth Ambrosia mine site.

EBS Ecology has been working with Iluka for a number of years providing a range of ecological services including flora and fauna survey, weed survey and ecological monitoring. Please follow this link for further information.

Fauna Survey Methods

EBS Ecology has been undertaking fauna surveys for a number of years. Fauna surveys can be performed for a variety of reasons. They can be associated with the impact assessment of a proposed development, an inventory style survey for a specific area or reserve, or a targeted threatened species survey. EBS Ecology has conducted these types of surveys across South Australia, western NSW and western Victoria.

Fauna surveys involve using a broad range of methods that depend on the nature of the survey and the location. Where the aim of the survey is to record as many species as possible, a range of trapping techniques are used. These include pitfall traps, Elliott traps (small aluminium traps), funnel traps, cage traps, active searching, spotlighting, bird observations, harp traps and mist nets.

EBS Ecology has refined its techniques to maximise capture rates and the number of species detected.  For instance, EBS uses a piece of equipment called a Dingo (with a post hole auger). This is a much more cost effective way of installing pitfalls traps as well as saving our backs from breaking on crowbars!



We have extensive knowledge and experience with our native fauna, so if you need a hand with anything relating to fauna, feel free to give us a call or fill out our contact form to discuss.

Rain in the Arid Lands Video

Watch the youtube footage of one of our EBS teams experiencing some of the heaviest rains the SA arid lands has seen for some time.

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