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Cobbler Creek West Vegetation Management Plan

EBS prepared a vegetation management plan for Cobbler Creek West Flora and Fauna Reserve. Cobbler Creek West Flora and Fauna Reserve is a highly significant reserve for the City of Tea Tree Gully. Covering approximately 43 hectares, it;

  • is one of the last relatively intact areas of remnant vegetation within the City of Tea Tree Gully,
  • contains one of the last stands of Mallee Box (Eucalyptus porosa) woodland occurring in the Adelaide region. This vegetation type is considered to be poorly conserved in South Australia
  • is adjacent to Cobbler Creek Recreation Park and acts as a link/buffer to the 290 hectare reserve,
  • acts as a wildlife corridor for local fauna that exist within this and adjacent remnants,
  • enhances the natural character of the City of Tea Tree Gully,
  • provides an opportunity for community engagement and education,
  • is a valuable recreational asset for the community.

EBS carried out extensive background research for the Cobbler Creek West Project.  This involved assessing the history of the site and collating recent works that have been undertaken. The field survey component of the project involved recording plant species present, determining vegetation communities, recording the locations of species of significance and the identification of key threatening processes to the reserve.

The management plan detailed the background research and field survey results as well as a detailed action plant for the improvement and enhancement of biodiversity in the reserve. Actions included the control of environmental weed species, revegetation with local native species and maintenance requirements. The plan also detailed methods that should be used, the priority of the actions and a cost estimate for each action.


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