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Ecological Assessment of a Proposed Mine at Cairn Hill

Cairn Hill is located within the arid lands of South Australia, approximately 850km north of Adelaide. It falls within the Stony Plains Bioregion of South Australia, which is characterised by gibber and gypsum plains, sand plains, and ephemeral watercourses.

EBS undertook a large flora and fauna survey to determine the likely impact of a proposed mine site, a subsequent mine expansion and infrastructure corridor. The field survey involved an assessment of the flora and fauna species present at 14 selected trapping sites, and an assessment of the vegetation associations present within the land set aside for both the initial mining activities and predicted expanded mine operations (8,005 ha).

Subsequent targeted surveys were completed for several fauna species of national conservation significance. In addition to the field surveys, a regional habitat analysis was undertaken along with an assessment of previous records of state and nationally listed species within 125 km of the site. This information allowed for a more accurate assessment of the possible impacts on species of significance within the area.


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