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EBS Group Winter eNews

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Scenes from the Australian Arid Zone

This video features a collection of time lapses taken by EBS Ecologist Brett Backhouse in northern South Australia. 

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Photo of the Month

EBS Group eNews Subscribers just received this, our Photo of the Month for Feb 2015 of a Banded Stilt taken by EBS Ecologist Brett Backhouse. If you dig this kinda thing and would like to see more of our great photos and articles about what we get up to, why not sign up for our eNewsletter? To do so you can send us an email, follow instructions below, or sign up via mailchimp after clicking on the pic :)

EBS Ecology Team Video

Just for a bit of fun, we've put together a great little video featuring many of the past and present EBS Ecology Staff. All pictures were taken while out in the field.

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EBS Group Summer 2014 eNews

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New Remote Cameras | Emu Video

EBS Ecologists have been putting our new remote sensor cameras to good use. These pictures were captured in Northern South Australia's Arid Zone on an extremely hot day. Luckily these Emu's are taking full advantage of this small soak the camera was set up in front of.

Spring eNews for 2014

The eNews for Spring 2014 has just been released.

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