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Ecological Assessment of a Proposed Golf Course Development Near Port Hughes

EBS conducted an ecological assessment of a proposed golf course and housing development immediately adjacent to the town of Port Hughes on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula. The area proposed for development is currently vacant with the majority of the area used for agricultural pursuits such as cereal cropping and sheep grazing.

As part of the ecological assessment, a vegetation survey and fauna assessment were conducted. Undertaken in accordance with the SA Native Vegetation Council assessment methodology, the vegetation survey determined the presence of flora species (native and exotic) within the survey area and the locations of various vegetation communities. The fauna assessment was undertaken to identify fauna species which have been previously recorded or are likely to be recorded within or adjacent to the project site. The assessment also considered the quality of the fauna habitat within the project site to determine the suitability for fauna species which occur in the region.

A series of recommendations was made to avoid and minimise the potential impacts of the project. These included identifying areas which should be developed, locating infrastructure away from sensitive areas, implementing an appropriate weed control program and ensuring that the project has a significant environmental benefit.


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