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Based on Knowledge, Experience and Customer Service

EBS Ecology provides project and landscape planning services to identify state and national legislative requirements and ecological project risks.

Our experience providing ecological services for legislative approvals is expansive and our history of working with regulatory authorities ensures that we have an in-depth understanding of their specific requirements. This in turn helps plan the gathering of relevant information to ensure timely approvals.

Our broad knowledge and on-ground experience means that we excel in identification of ecological risks and opportunities in your project area. This will ensure mitigation strategies can be developed early to ensure risk is minimised and project delays are avoided.

EBS Ecology is experienced in projects across the mining, development, wind farm and many other industries providing services in areas such as:

  • Preliminary advice
  • Determination of legislative requirements
  • Analysis of constraints and opportunities
  • Options analysis including route options analysis
  • Strategic biodiversity planning
  • Endangered ecological community and threatened species advice
  • Environmental Risk Mitigation
  • Desktop flora and fauna assessments

EBS Ecology supports this planning work with other services aimed at construction and operational stages of development such as biological surveys, legislative approvals, impact assessments and site management plans which are outlined here.

For examples of our work please refer to our case studies page.

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