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Flora Survey and Fauna Assessment of Five Proposed Lock and Weir Upgrades

EBS was commissioned to undertake a flora survey and fauna assessment at five locations along the River Murray from Mannum to the Victorian Border. The project was completed to assess the possible impacts of proposed lock upgrades and the installation of fish passageways.

The flora survey recorded detailed information on the project sites including plant species present (native and exotic), vegetation communities and vegetation condition. Details on scattered trees were also recorded including the height, diameter, health and the presence of hollows. The locations of scattered trees, weed infestations, vegetation communities and species of conservation significance were mapped.

The fauna assessment was based on a desktop study where species previously recorded in the region were determined. The fauna quality habitat within the sites was assessed and used to determine the possible presence of fauna species. An assessment of the possible impacts of the project under the EPBC Act 1991 and Native Vegetation Act 1991 was undertaken. A report detailing the study findings was provided which included a series of recommendations to avoid and minimise possible impacts of the project.


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