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Murraylands Threatened Species Project

EBS has been involved in developing and preparing threatened recovery plans for nationally listed flora species under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, 1999. The Murraylands threatened species recovery project aims to maintain and improve populations of nine threatened plant species within the South Australian Murray Darling Basin.

The species listed within the plan include:

  • Menzel’s Wattle (Acacia menzelii)
  • Fat-leaf Wattle (Acacia pinguifolia)
  • Resin Wattle (Accacia rhetinocarpa)
  • Coloured Spider-orchid (Caladenia colorata)
  • Silver Daisy Bush (Olearia pannosa ssp. pannosa)
  • Lowan Phebalium (Phebalium lowanense)
  • Monarto Mintbush (Prostanthera eurybioides)
  • Sandhill Greenhood Orchid (pterostylis arenicola)
  • Metallic Sun-orchid (Thelymitra epipactoides)

After the preparation of the recovery plan, EBS has been responsible for implementing the high priority actions from the plan. Those actions include developing and implementing monitoring programs for populations, undertaking extensive surveys to locate additional populations and collecting data to improve the understanding of the ecology and habitat requirements of the different species.

EBS has also been responsible for managing contractors to implement specific threat abatement activities such as weed control, fencing, rabbit control and revegetation. Extensive landholder liaison and the development of strong links with state and local governments and non-government organisations has been critical aspects in the success of this project.


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