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Northern Parks Vegetation Monitoring

EBS implemented a detailed monitoring program across several national Parks and wildlife reserves in the northern Adelaide region. A total of 125 monitoring quadrats were established within Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park, Parra Wirra Conservation Park and Sandy Creek Conservation Park. The aim of the monitoring was to establish baseline data on vegetation condition within different vegetation communities across each park. This will allow the vegetation condition to be monitored as different management strategies and practices are implemented. A number of reference sites outside of these parks were also established to allow seasonal and climatic variations to be distinguished from the effects of the implemented management actions.

The monitoring technique was designed by the SA Department for Environment and Heritage and involves establishing a quadrat that is 0.1 ha in size (50m x 20m). All sites were permanently marked and photographed. A range of attributes were recorded within each quadrat including:

  • Plant species present
  • Stratum for each species (tree, shrub, climber etc)
  • Cover/abundance of each species
  • Dominant ground layer species
  • Average height of each stratum
  • Estimate of Projected Foliage Cover for each stratum
  • Presence of juveniles of perennial species
  • Number of age classes for overstorey species

The data was recorded in the field using a palmtop PC using established electronic datasheets. The collected data was provided to the client in an electronic format which will then be uploaded onto a larger database. Over time as the monitoring sites are resampled, the success of the implemented management strategies can be analysed. Management strategies in these parks may include weed control (woody and herbaceous weeds), feral animal control (e.g. rabbits, deer) and kangaroo management.


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