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Mount Bryan Wind Farm

EBS Ecology conducted an ecological impact assessment of the proposed Mount Bryan Wind Farm in the South Australia’s Mid North region. This included extensive flora and bird surveys, an initial bat survey and a general fauna assessment across the project site.

The surveys were undertaken to determine the flora and fauna species present or likely to be present in the area. An assessment of the condition and quality of the vegetation within the project site was undertaken as well recording the locations of any threatened species, weed infestations and good quality fauna habitat. The bird and bat surveys were undertaken to meet the Level 1 assessment criteria of the Aus Wind Guidelines whilst the data collected for the flora will be used for an assessment under the Native Vegetation Act 1991 once exact infrastructure locations are known.

The areas assessed included potential turbine locations, laydown areas, transmission line corridors and access roads. EBS provided advice on the location of infrastructure and highlighted locations where infrastructure could be relocated to reduce potential impacts on flora and fauna species. Recommendations were also made on further surveys that may be required to assess the potential impacts of the proposed wind farm in further detail.


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